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NEWS28 March 2017

Britain’s self image sees significant improvement over past year

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UK – Britons rate their own nation’s reputation at 80.6 on Reputation Institute’s 0-100 RepTrak Pulse scale; a significant improvement on last year’s survey, which took place before the Brexit vote. 

The current rating of 80.6 places the self-image of the country as ‘excellent'. Last year’s score was 74.1.

The image of Britain among its Eurozone neighbours is also strong, with a combined RepTrak Pulse score of 73.2 across the zone. Within key member nations of the European Union, the UK’s reputation is strongest in Italy ( 78.9 ), and lowest in Spain ( 67.9 ). 

Outside the Eurozone, the greatest support from the UK comes from the United States: the UK’s reputation among Americans is 78.1, and 43.2% of them view the UK’s decision to leave the EU positively. This positive view is also shared by 43% of Swiss, compared with 38.1% of Britons and 21% of the Eurozone on average. 

“From our perspective, the positive economic news from the UK over the past few months has clearly helped to boost Britons’ self-confidence about the UK’s reputation overall," the Reputation Institute report said.