NEWS11 August 2017

Brands failing to connect outside London

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UK – National brands face a ‘significant challenge’ when trying to connect to people living outside the capital, according to new research. 

According to Trinity Mirror’s latest Brand Relevance Index, 2016 was the start of a fundamental change, which included a "rejection of the establishment".

This, the report said, was felt particularly by those who felt left behind by the "London metropolitan elite".

According to the study, done with a nationally representative panel of 2,000 people in partnership with BDRC Continental, 56% of consumers agree that advertising doesn't portray the lives of people in their local area. 

Brands are now seen as part of the establishment, the report said, meaning that they are losing relevance outside London and face "a significant challenge to re-connect with consumers". 

Just under half ( 47%) said that brands were out of touch with people in their local area. This is particularly true outside London: people outside the capital are 11% more likely to agree with this statement. 

Those living outside London are also 25% more likely to say that brands don't understand people in their local area, and 21% more likely to say that brands don't aim their advertising at them. 

Full findings can be accessed here