NEWS26 April 2013

BrainJuicer announces decision-making methodology

Data analytics UK

UK — Market research agency BrainJuicer has launched a pack-testing methodology based on instant decision-making.

The System 1 Pack Test mimics the shopping environment in which consumers make decisions by asking people to make a selection from a shelf in time-pressured conditions.

The test is named after the term used by psychologist and Nobel Laureate for Economics Daniel Kahneman to describe how we make the vast majority of decisions in a quick, institutive and emotional manner.

The System 1 Pack Test is also underpinned by BrainJuicer’s emotional measure, FaceTrace, which explores how people feel about a product and why.

“By engineering a System 1 frame of mind through time constraint, the System 1 Pack Test accurately articulates the strengths and vulnerabilities of packaging design, when it’s faced with the realities of in-store conditions,” said Orlando Wood, managing director at BrainJuicer Labs.