NEWS23 August 2005

BrainJuicer aims for speedy feedback with Quali-Taxi launch

Yvonne Chien to lead rollout of agency’s new online, on-demand qualitative omnibus service.

BrainJuicer has launched Quali-Taxi, a new online qualitative omnibus service – with a twist.

Rather than having results pouring in on a weekly basis like a traditional omnibus, Quali-Taxi is delivered to order as and when clients need it. This means they do not have to commit to an ongoing research omnibus or set up focus groups.

Yvonne Chien, BrainJuicer’s operations and new products director, told Research: “It’s a no frills qual service because there is no consultancy, but it allows clients to get quick qualitative feedback from large groups of respondents. “

The service was developed following feedback from clients and agencies that demanded a fast, cost-effective qual research service. Chien is spearheading the rollout of Quali-Taxi.

It follows the launch last month of another ‘taxi’ service, online panel owner Research Now’s OmniTaxi tool – an on-demand quantitative research omnibus service.


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13 years ago

Please tell me more about your research service im in the process of starting my own taxi company and would like to know where your current information is collected

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