NEWS12 July 2010

Brahm and sister agency Swamp merge to form Brass


UK— Insight and marketing communications agency Brahm has merged with sister digital agency Swamp to form a new firm, Brass.

The merger came into effect today, along with a new company approach that aims to put digital activities “at the centre of the business”.

John Morgan, who was previously Brahm CEO and in charge of Swamp, will lead Brass as CEO. The company said that there had been no cuts as a result of crossovers during the merger.

Insight operations will continue to be led by Anna Cliffe and the firm said the research practice would benefit from being in the “unique position of working so closely with digital professionals”.

Morgan said: “We wanted to create a brand that retained echoes of Brahm and Swamp, and that was strong, clear and straightforward. Brass is all that.

“All our experience tells us that in this rapidly changing marketing environment, where there is more and more complexity, clients increasingly want someone who offers clarity. We think Brass provides that.”