NEWS12 March 2018

Boon, Flatters and Twyman launch Deltapoll

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UK – A new agency specialising in opinion research has been created by former ICM Unlimited director Martin Boon, YovGov founding director Joe Twyman and Trajectory chief executive Paul Flatters.


Called Deltapoll, its opinion and political polling methodology will be based on more emotional responses. It will combine MRP (multilevel regression and post-stratification) and IRT (implicit response testing).

The agency is self-funded and equally owned by the three directors – bringing together the combined polling and modelling expertise of these three industry heavyweights.

Boon (pictured, right)resigned from ICM Unlimited in December 2017 after 23 years with the business. Twyman (pictured, left) was one of the founding directors of YouGov when it set up in 2000 and has most recently been its head of political and social research for EMEA.

Flatters (pictured, centre) set up strategic forecasting consultancy Trajectory in 2008 and will continue as its chief executive. Deltapoll will be based in the same building as Trajectory and while it is a separate entity there may be opportunities where the two work together.

Twyman will lead Deltapoll’s political polling work with Boon focusing on its social research.   

Twyman said: “We wanted to emphasise that this is a change. It was an opportunity to bring about, and make the most of, the kind of changes we’ve seen in the research industry over the past few years – in terms of methodology, technology and techniques, and structurally.

“Particularly in the world of politics, but also the world of research more generally, it’s not just about head anymore, it’s about heart as well. Collectively we’re all very interested in exploring emotional responses to things.”

Boon added: “Both of us are known for bringing innovation to the political polling world; it seemed like a natural fit to bring together our thoughts into one sophisticated polling entity.

“We’ve got the experience, we’ve got the profile and reputation to hopefully make a difference – not just in the social and political world.”

Deltapoll will publish more detail on its techniques and its first results, later in the year.