NEWS7 July 2016

BoomApp launches in UK

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UK – Video recognition start-up, boomApp, which has developed a proprietary augmented reality system for video, has launched in the UK. 

The browser or app-based product’s algorithm can search and find a video within a database of millions of videos in less than five seconds. Users scan the video and boomApp shows them which video the image has come from.

The company said it allows brands to engage with – and gain insights – instantly from consumers by connecting their TV adverts to specific online content through a quick scan.

Joao Da Maia Jorge, co-founder and CEO of boomApp said: “Video is the future of online and offline content; by offering brands the tools to create micro-moments of instant engagement with their customers, our technology leads to consistently and repeatedly more engaging interactions.”

BoomApp developed the technology in 2014. After a successful round of funding by Portugal Ventures, it launched its product in late 2015.