NEWS5 February 2015

Bonamy Finch updates smartphone app for quant

News Technology UK

UK — Consumer insight and analytics company Bonamy Fitch has launched a new version of its smartphone app, SigTester, to help researchers and marketers see the significance of their quantitative data.

The SigTester app tells users if differences between pairs of mean scores, proportions or correlation coefficients are statistically significant. It can also be used to estimate confidence intervals around these types of values.

A third function lets the user know the sample size that would be needed to have a specific confidence level for any percentage you might expect to see in your data. All tests can be conducted at the 90%, 95% and 99% confidence levels.

Leigh Morris, managing director, Bonamy Finch said: “Have you ever been in a meeting, looking at some figures in a chart, and been asked ‘But is that difference significant?’ Alternatively, do you ever watch TV ads that make claims like ‘76% of 108 women agreed…’, and wonder what the confidence interval around that figure is?”