NEWS5 February 2013

Bob Shullman returns with new survey of America’s affluent

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US — Former Ipsos Mendelsohn president Bob Shullman has launched a new business with a new monthly survey of affluent consumers.

Shullman retired from Ipsos in January 2012 with a view to going travelling. He’d been president of Ipsos Mendelsohn since 2008, during which time he’d worked to re-position the Mendelsohn Affluent Survey into a multi-platform and multimedia planning and insights tool.

Earlier in his career he co-founded and ran The Willard & Shullman Group.

His new business is called The Shullman Research Centre. It’s survey, the Shullman Luxury and Affluence Monthly Pulse is designed to gauge the future purchase intentions of affluent consumers, as well as their perspectives on current events, shopping, buying and spending patterns.

The company is online at