NEWS9 December 2009

BlueKai launches audience analytics service

Data analytics North America

US— Online data provider BlueKai has launched a new service that profiles online shoppers by the market segments they are interested in.

BlueKai’s In-Market Reports assess the profile of a website’s target audience and help marketers pinpoint new customers according to their shopping patterns on other sites.

For example, some shoppers at an online luxury goods website may have a history of being in the market for trips to Paris, which would enable the site owner or its marketers to target them with new promotions and services.

Omar Tawakol (pictured), BlueKai’s CEO, said: “Advertisers need to know more about their site audience and what they are shopping for. The BlueKai In-Market Report is the first of its kind to provide knowledge into actual shopping patterns vs. audience surveying.”

One client that has already signed up to the service is digital ad agency Razorfish, and the firm’s Matthew Greitzer said that the reports “take the guesswork out of data targeting and let us home in on our most relevant prospects before we spend a penny on media”.