NEWS14 August 2013

BitTorrent turns to TV with pilot programme

New business North America

US — BitTorrent Inc, the company behind the popular peer-to-peer file-sharing platform, has entered the TV programme distribution business using its measurement system to steer programme production.

The company has partnered with Converge Studio to create a pilot pitch for Fly or Die, a programme based on pop record producers Rock Mafia.

The programme will use the BitTorrent Bundle to distribute content to the provider’s 170m users with a key that can unlock artist content with an email address or a donation.

In return, the studio receives metrics on exactly who is watching or listening to their content with the finished series also being based on feedback generated from BitTorrent users through email, social media and other forums.

“The creativity is about sharing. BitTorrent supplies this vast net of new people and ideas. To get that interaction; to get that feedback; that’s the new model,” said Rock Mafia co-founder Tim James.