NEWS9 April 2014

BIT to apply behavioural insight to literacy and numeracy challenge

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UK — The Behavioural Insights Team (BIT), the part-privatised former Cabinet Office ‘nudge unit’, is teaming up with the Department for Business Innovation and Skills on a new research centre that aims to improve adult literacy and numeracy.


The centre aims to develop and test interventions “informed by behavioural science” to improve reading, writing and math skills in the hope that these can be “scaled up” by UK government policy makers.

Announcing the partnership on its blog, BIT pointed to two surveys: the Skills for Life Survey, which reported that 43% of 16-64 year olds did not achieve a level 2 in English, and 78% in maths; and the 2013 International Survey of Adult Skills, in which England performed around the OECD average in literacy (joint 11th) but well below average in numeracy ( 17th out of 24 ).

“Our aim will be to establish a range of research programmes and randomised controlled trials that will test different ways of helping young adults to improve their numeracy and literacy,” said BIT. “These trials will also explore the causal link between improved skills and life outcomes (e.g. to what extent does improving the numeracy and literacy skills of young adults improve employment outcomes?).” 


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10 years ago

Really interesting development for behaviour science. It'll be interesting to see the long term affects of this intervention.

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