NEWS10 May 2024

Beesy creates AI model for behavioural science analysis

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US – Applied behavioural science insights agency Beesy has launched a custom-built artificial intelligence (AI) analysis model for healthcare research.


The System-1 Analytics Model (SAM) is a machine learning tool build for identification  and aggregate analysis of behavioural science principles.

SAM has been trained on limited sets of data and definitions provided by behavioural scientists working for Beesy, and the model codes and aggregates content with human oversight and review.

Elys Roberts, founder and chief executive officer at Beesy, said: “Our mission at Beesy is to leverage rigorous science to deliver improved commercial outcomes for
companies in the pharmaceutical and medtech industries.

Introducing a machine learning tool custom-built for behavioural analysis is one of the many ways Beesy continues to push the envelope and we’re thrilled to welcome SAM to our cause.”