NEWS20 July 2011

BBC picks ComScore for web analytics

New business UK

UK— The BBC has selected ComScore as its preferred web analytics provider following an “in-depth review”.

The BBC will use the Digital Analytix service to understand audience behaviour across its range of sites, as well as a specially designed feature called Virtual Sites that collects information about content that has been viewed via mobile, websites and social media.

Although this feature was designed specifically for the BBC, ComScore said that it will now be available for all Digital Analytix clients.

ComScore’s international general manager Wolf Allisat said: “ComScore is continually looking to improve its products based on clients’ needs. Accordingly, we strive to offer the most technologically advanced and flexible web analytics solution on the market.”

Digital Analytix is built around Nedstat’s web analytics software, which was acquired by ComScore in 2010, with an overlay of demographic information sourced via ComScore’s server/panel hybrid measurement system.