NEWS23 July 2012

Barb extends web TV meter trial to 500 homes

Technology UK

UK— TV ratings body, Barb (the Broadcasters’ Audience Research Board) is to install its web TV meter in a further 500 homes within its core panel.

The Kantar technology, which measures TV viewing via laptops and PCs, had been tested in a sample of 100 homes since last year and Barb said the next step was to “scale up” the project.

Barb CEO Bjarne Thelin (pictured) said: “Once rolled out, the web-TV meter will take reported viewing beyond the TV set and enable Barb to maximise reporting from our panel. It should also allow us to align panel reporting with other (server) data sets in future, potentially opening the door to develop ways to integrate such data into the Barb system.”

As well as adding 500 new homes to the sample, Barb said that it is currently developing technology to measure TV viewing on tablet devices.