NEWS12 October 2020

Bakamo expands to the US

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US – Social listening consultancy Bakamo is opening an office in Washington, DC.

Washington DC

Chief executive Daniel Fazekas will lead the operation, splitting his time between Hungary, Germany, the UK and the US.

The company has appointed two full-time employees in the city.

Established in 2014, Budapest-headquartered Bakamo interprets conversations on social media channels, working with brands, government agencies, foundations and NGOs. 

Fazekas said: “It is an unusual time to be opening our US office, in the middle of a global pandemic and not actually visiting the office in person for the foreseeable future. However, our team is known to us, we’ve worked with them in the past. We have lots of experience in the US, especially in the public space, and I can’t wait for us to grow larger than our European base.”