NEWS10 December 2014

Austerity measures hitting women harder than men

News UK

UK — With the chancellor George Osborne making it clear in the recent budget that austerity measures are here to stay, it is women who are experiencing the greatest hardship according to JWT’s latest Austerity Index.


While 41% of men feel the UK economy is in recovery, only 28% of women feel the same, as revealed in Mind the Gender Gap, JWT’s seventh quarterly report.

Almost half of women ( 46%) reported having less than £50 in their bank accounts at the end of month compared with 38% of men.

Perhaps unsurprisingly a greater proportion of women than men were dissatisfied with the government’s measures to manage the economy – 58% of women compared with 47% of men. And more than three quarters of women ( 77%) said they have to make financial sacrifices to make ends meet ( 69% of men said the same).

JWT’s Austerity Index uses five consumer metrics: standard of living; surviving, not thriving; restricting spending; difficulty saving; and six month outlook. Consumers select a score out of ten on each metric where a high score indicated greater severity. Full details of the report and methodology can be found here.