NEWS17 August 2020

Arctop launches brain decoding platform

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US – Neurotechnology software firm Arctop has released an audience analytics platform that uses brain decoding technology.

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Neuos Eureka will help entertainment and media professionals to test their content on audiences through the platform, analyse test results and evaluate insights. The platform also enables remote video and digital testing for content.

The insights are based on the brain responses of audiences, and the software analyses brain signals to understand emotion, attention and memory processes.

The analysis is run through Arctop’s global tester network, which tests audiences in their own homes rather than in laboratory settings.

Dan Furman, co-founder and chief executive of Arctop, said: "Along with adding valuable feedback into the creative workflow, Neuos Eureka democratises neuroscientific tools that have been available to market leaders for audience testing for a long time but at premium cost."