NEWS21 June 2010

Arbitron unveils new PPM360 technology

North America Technology

US— Arbitron has launched a new version of its portable people meter (PPM) device that it claims will be able to better follow the lifestyles of consumers on the go.

The new device, dubbed the PPM 360, is smaller than the current model and is fitted with cellular wireless technology that eliminates the need for an in-home docking station and communications hub.

Users can charge the new device through a USB cable and are able to receive text messages from Arbitron on the screen. Like the existing PPM device, it is fitted with a motion detector to monitor compliance.

The firm said that the current PPM device will remain in use, particularly in areas where there are limitations in cellphone coverage.

Arbitron CEO William Kerr said: “This innovative approach further liberates audience measurement from the home and enables media, brands and marketers to follow the mobile consumer more closely – which is particularly important for brands appealing to younger demographics. The platform is designed to be an integrated component to our existing radio services and drive future innovation for media measurement.”