NEWS18 May 2016

Apple tops UK’s most loved brand list on social media mentions

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UK – Apple ranked first in the UK Brand Love List, dominating social conversations, according to social analytics company NetBase.


Technology companies dominated the conversation and accounted for 12% of the top 25 most loved UK brands which was mainly down to Apple and Google who alone represented 64% of the overall UK brand mentions.

Lego was the UK’s most loved consumer goods brand and consumer goods companies represented 28% of the most loved brands in the UK. Automotive brands did well, with nine appearing including BMW, Ferrari and Audi who were the top loved brands.

Data was gathered using NetBase’s social media listening platform from English and French language posts of earned mentions (i.e. not from the brand itself) across Europe between April 2015 to March 2016. 

‘Love’, ‘best’, ‘great’, ‘perfect’ and ‘awesome’ were the top five words consumers used when talking positively about Apple, which received more than 400,000 more mentions than Google in second place and seven times as many total mentions as Lego in third.

Paige Leidig, chief marketing officer, NetBase said “While it’s not altogether surprising that Apple came out on top if we look beneath the surface it tells us that here is a company that has created an enviable passion among its consumers. Alternatively, look at Tesco, why is it the only food and beverage brand on the list, where are the likes of Lidl and Sainsbury? The answer is because it has worked hard to build a strong relationship with its customers and they want to express their love for it.”