NEWS22 November 2012

AnswerTap launches crowdsourcing tool

North America Technology

US— AnswerTap has launched a new crowdsourcing tool that will allow users to get free consumer feedback on their visual materials, such as logo designs and proposed adverts.

The MagicMarkup tool recruits consumers from a company’s existing fan bases on Twitter and Facebook, ensures that they are the proper target market and then asks for feedback.

Respondents can ‘mark up’ the image by crossing out things they do not like, circling things that should be bigger and writing comments.

The AnswerTap technology will then aggregate all feedback into a comment heatmap that displays what is and is not connecting with audiences.

Zach Simmons, the firm’s founder, said: “Facebook interaction can tell a company what fans like and don’t like, but MagicMarkup lets companies go much deeper. It’s an inventive tool that will make market research available to all companies, even if they don’t have a single dollar to spend.”

AnswerTap offers access to nine million respondents through a partnership with uSamp.