NEWS27 March 2017

Analysis shows long-term effect of newsbrands

News UK

UK – Advertising campaigns using newsbrands are 36% more likely to deliver very large profit growth and 85% more likely to generate customer acquisition.

An analysis of the IPA Effectiveness Awards by author and marketing effectiveness expert Peter Field for Newsworks, showed the long-term effect for advertisers of using newspaper brands for as an advertising medium.

Field looked at winning entries from the past three IPA Effectiveness Awards, a total of 108 UK cases, to build on last year’s IPA Databank study.

He found that campaigns using newsbrands were 43% more likely to deliver very large market share growth, 36% more likely to deliver profit and 85% more likely to drive customer acquisition. Additionally, activity in newsbrands is more than twice as likely to both deliver a reduction in price sensitivity and an increase in customer loyalty.

Field said: “We know that brands want to be associated with relevant and appropriate content – recent revelations about digital ad placements have underlined how important this is. Being in the right context, with the right content not only drives positivity towards brands, but also delivers quantifiable business effects for advertisers such as boosting profit and delivering new customers.”