NEWS23 January 2017

Amplero launches influencer optimisation capability

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UK — Digital intelligence platform Amplero now offers a capability that aims to help marketers identify and leverage their most influential customers. 

Influence crop

Using automatic aggregation of behavioural data, Amplero now enables the mapping of ‘customer influencer ego networks’ that identify the number, strength and intensity of connections, as well as the influence a customer has over the behaviours and actions of these connections. 

"Using Amplero’s new influencer optimisation capability, marketers can now think beyond 1:1 personalised customer interactions and understand the full network impact of their campaigns.

"Identifying and targeting the most connected influencers and empowering them to spur friends and connections to take the desired action can lead to significant incremental revenue, retention or engagement results for our clients," said Olly Downs, CEO at Amplero.