NEWS16 May 2016

Almost half would share biometric data with health insurers

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US – With the offer of discounts as an incentive, 43% of connected Americans would share their biometric data from wearables with their health insurance company according to Troubadour Research & Consulting.

Wearable health crop

The research agency’s findings are part of an online quarterly survey with 1194 US adults with broadband internet at home which also found that 56% of connected Americans would have concerns about how a health insurance company would use their data.

Of those surveyed, 63% believe that wearables can help them be more fit or healthy, while 24% currently own a wearable device.

Michael LaColla, CEO of Troubadour Research, said: “We were surprised to see that so many would choose to share, primarily because there are segments in the population who are defined by their concerns about data privacy."