NEWS17 March 2014

Agency wanted to study markets for Nepalese ginger

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UK — The Samarth-NMDP market development programme for Nepal has issued a request for proposals to conduct what it describes as “the first comprehensive international market study for Nepalese ginger”.

Samarth-NMDP is looking to hire a qualified service provider “to perform a study of international ginger markets, likely to focus on European, Gulf States and Japanese markets, with a particular emphasis upon value added products.”

The study is designed to support the growth of the Nepalese trade in ginger. “Although one of the world’s largest producers of ginger, Nepal is yet to match its competitors in terms of export performance,” explains Samarth-NMDP.

“While Nepal is thought to have a comparative advantage in the commodity, both in terms of quality and quantity, there is currently a lack of information about the potential and feasibility for diversifying export markets and the strategies for penetrating markets should opportunities exist.”

The RFP deadlines is 5 April 2014. Click here for more details.