NEWS19 May 2011

Affinnova styles new role for Forrester’s Barber

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US— Forrester analyst Tamara Barber has left the firm to take up the new role of senior director of strategic marketing at Affinnova, a company focused on supporting new product development and optimisation.

Affinnova has developed concept optimisation technology based around evolutionary principles of “survival of the fittest”, the company says.

What this means is that study participants are guided through a series of dynamically generated concept sets where they are asked to select the concepts that are most appealing. Each decision feeds into an algorithm which then affects the content of subsequent concept sets.

Research profiled the technology as it attempted to work out the optimum campaign ticket ahead of the 2008 US presidential election.

Barber, previously a senior analyst at Forrester working on market insights issues, joins Affinnova to support a planned expansion of the company’s services.

She said: “I know that marketers struggle with how to improve the innovation process and ensure greater success with new marketing and product launches. Affinnova has pioneered a radically different and highly innovative approach to help companies bring new products to market.”


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13 years ago

This is excellent news for Tamara! Congrats on the new position!

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