NEWS28 February 2017

Advertisers failing to set clear media KPIs

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GLOBAL – A survey of advertisers and agencies has revealed widespread agreement that advertisers are failing to lead on key media decisions. 

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Results of the ID Comms 2017 Global Media Thinking Survey also suggest that agencies are failing to provide strategic support in a number of key areas, including the ability to provide wholly neutral and objective planning services. 

Nearly four fifths ( 79%) of respondents felt that advertiser marketing teams should be primarily responsible for defining the advertiser’s strategic approach, including the media objectives, operating model and KPIs.

But the survey results showed that advertisers were failing to meet expectations in four key areas: setting clear KPIs for media; having a point of view on ROI for media; having a well-established media community internally and leading media decisions from marketing rather than procurement. 

“The lack of media knowledge inside many of even the largest advertisers is making it harder for them to leverage the opportunities that smart media thinking delivers," said Tom Denford, chief strategy officer at ID Comms

"This is why many of the best campaigns nearly always come from the same clients. They understand media, work more closely with their agency partners, think strategically and see the opportunities faster. Brands that treat media as a commodity and a cost will never actually get the best return from their media budgets,” 

The report is based on responses from marketing, media and procurement professionals with a range of global, regional and local market responsibilities. Agency respondents included all major media agency holding groups as well as some independent media agencies. Three quarters ( 74%) of the respondents were Europe-based, 18% were from the US and the rest were spread worldwide.