NEWS7 August 2009

Ads you can Digg go live on news site

North America Technology

US— News aggregator Digg is beta-testing its unusual new advertising system, where users vote for their favourite creatives while ‘burying’ those they do not like.

The more popular an ad proves to be, the less the advertiser is charged, and vice versa – the idea being to price out of the system those ads Digg users don’t want to see.

Chief strategy officer Mike Maser (pictured) wrote on the company’s blog: “The success of this system depends on your participation and feedback, as it will help advertisers to create the best possible experience for the Digg community.

“Our goal with Digg Ads is to encourage advertisers to create content as compelling as organic Digg stories, and to give you more control over which ads you see on Digg.”

Plans for the ad system were first announced in early June.