NEWS9 September 2014

Adknowledge partners with Realeyes

News UK

UK — Digital advertising company, Adknowledge, has announced it will incorporate emotional analytics in its online video campaigns with a partnership with Realeyes.


The emotion analytics platform measures how people feel and react, via the web-cams on their devices, as they watch video content. This will allow Adknowledge to offer advertisers reporting on how audiences respond emotionally to video campaigns across social, mobile, apps, games and sponsored content. 

The company said the Realeyes platform will enable marketers to make better decisions across the three key stages of video advertising – testing the creative, planning media spend and analysing the performance. 

Adknowledge CEO, Ben Legg, said: “We’ll be able to help advertisers make better ads, put them in more effective places and more accurately analyse performance to improve future campaigns.”