NEWS19 August 2014

Added Value launches tracking service

News North America

US — WPP marketing consultancy, Added Value, has launched a new tracking product for its clients called Activator.

The company said Activator tracks through three modules working together — a combination of integration, anticipation and activation. So with Activator the consultancy identifies and integrates the data streams, forecasts through marketing sciences and cultural insights and then brings together all the outputs to turn the insights into strategies.

Brian Kushnir, EVP and managing director of Added Value’s communications group in North America said: “The strategic questions facing our clients are more complex than ever, yet the traditional approach of answering them through ad and brand tracking dates from a time when things were straightforward and stable.”  

Features of Activator include: BrandView, online snapshots showing what’s happening now and what’s on the horizon; TimeView, online platform to visualise and play with the data and Cultural Traction™, a proprietary indicator of growth and advocacy.