NEWS23 April 2015

Adblock tool judged lawful in Germany

Europe Legal News

GERMANY — Adblock Plus, an online ad blocking tool, has won its case against a group of German publishers who had tried to sue the company for blocking ads on their sites.

The Hamburg court ruled in Adblock Plus’s favour, after a four month trial, saying ad blocking was legal.

The plaintiffs were German newspapers Die Zeit and Handelsblatt who filed the action against Eyeo GmbH, the company which owns the app, on the basis that its technology anti-competitive and a threat to their revenue streams.

The company said in a statement: “This is a victory for every single internet user because it confirms each individual’s right to block annoying ads, protect their privacy and, by extension, determine his or her own internet experience. It is living proof of the unalienable right of every user to enjoy online self-determination.
“Adblock Plus will continue to provide users with a tool that helps them control their internet experience. At the same time we will endeavour to work with publishers, advertisers and content creators to encourage non-intrusive ads, discover new ways to make ads better and push forward to a more sustainable internet ecosystem.”