NEWS17 February 2017

Ad skipping ‘mostly automatic’

Media News North America Trends

US – Two thirds of consumers ( 65%) skip online video ads as soon as possible, and three quarters ( 76%) do so as an ingrained habit, according to new research. 

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The study, by IPG Mediabrands’ Magna and Media Lab units, involved a media trial with over 11,000 consumers. 

The trial replicated the experience of watching online video, including 23 types of ads, and used webcams to measure the emotional responses and attention spans when presented with skippable pre-roll ads.

The findings revealed that, on average, people will watch 5.5s of a 15s ad, and 7.4s of a 30s before skipping. 

When asked why they skipped the ad, 76% said it was because they usually do so, suggesting that the behaviour had become ingrained. Other reasons for skipping included that the ad was not relevant, too long, not enjoyable or that they didn't like the brand. 

However, the report reassured advertisers that even skipped ads have value: some increase in brand recall, purchase intent, brand relevance and perceived brand premium was observed even when ads were skipped. 

Recommendations from the findings were to supplement skippable ads with six second non-skippable ads; to focus on storytelling; humanise ads and to make branding organic. 

The full report can be accessed here