NEWS16 August 2011

ActiveGroup founder Nelems returns as CEO

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US— Online qual technology provider ActiveGroup has re-hired its founder David Nelems, who left the firm when it was sold in 2007, as its new chief executive officer.

Nelems (pictured) launched the company in 1999 and departed when it was sold to market research acquisition vehicle MVL Group, which is made up of data collection and full service agencies such as MRSi, Target Research Group, Carbonview and PhoneBase Research, eight years later.

He replaces Ken Balog in the role of chief executive, and had been in semi-retirement and working as, among other things, a part-time pilot before coming back to the company

Brian Sites, the firm’s director of global marketing and communications, said: “It’s been a tough couple of years at ActiveGroup, and we have seen some quick leadership changes [two CEOs in two years]. That has presented challenges in all areas of the company, not least is continuity with our clients. With David’s return, we not only see a a return to that continuity but also a return to our core values as a company. We are all incredibly excited to have him back at the helm.

“It’s like getting the band back together,” Nelems said.