NEWS7 January 2022

Accelex and Simcorp partner to automate fintech workflows

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UK – Data acquisition and analytics firm Accelex has agreed a partnership with Copenhagen-headquartered Simcorp that combines Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) technology tools for global alternative investors.

Two businessmen shake hands on a deal, with cityscape as transparent background

The partnership is described as a response to “the increasing demand for greater transparency in investment performance”.

Complex PDF documents, carrying fund and underlying asset data, typically require resource-intensive, manual processing before entry into SimCorp’s system. Accelex uses data science to automate the extraction of financial information from these alternative investment documents to deliver performance and accounting data, thereby offering “deeper investment insights,” according to the company.

Hugues Chabanis, vice-president of innovation at SimCorp, commented: “As we continue the disruption started years ago, the partnership with Accelex answers the growing demand from joint clients who are looking for more standard integration between the two systems.

“It complements and augments SimCorp’s current offering by extending the scope of documents available while providing choice.”

Accelex president Michael Aldridge added: “Alternative investors are striving to rid their firms of labour-intensive, manual processes and focus their time on making a difference to the investment process itself.

“Being able to effectively digitise the workflow from unstructured documents into SimCorp gives our clients huge advantages in operational efficiency, as well as a better understanding of the drivers of investment performance.”