NEWS29 January 2009

Aberdeen Group examines social media ROI

Study aims to find how businesses are successfully harnessing and measuring social media

US— The Aberdeen Group is conducting a study to determine the best ways of creating and measuring ROI from social media activity.

The study will look at the activities of the companies that have achieved the biggest improvements in the volume of customer conversations, positive sentiment and recommendations relating to their brands, and customer profitability.

Particular emphasis will be placed on how social media is being used to launch successful viral campaigns and boost advocacy.

“When it comes to social media ROI, suitable performance metrics have proven to be somewhat elusive,” the firm said.

As well as exploring the link between social media and profitability, the study also aims to “reveal the type of corporate culture and business processes needed to support social media marketing and how companies are establishing operational accountability for making improvements in social media marketing capabilities”.

Participants in the survey will be given free access to the full report when it is published on 1 March.

Author: Robert Bain


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