NEWS17 February 2023

A quarter of firms struggle with digital CX, research reveals

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Nearly one in four ( 24 per cent) of companies globally are struggling with their digital customer experience (CX), despite the quickly evolving digital landscape, new research shows.


Mopinion’s Digital Customer Experience Benchmark shows how companies are keeping pace with digital CX management.

The research shows that the overwhelming majority, 92 per cent, of firms collect digital feedback, but there appear to be shortcomings in other areas of measurement.

As an example, only 60 per cent of firms surveyed said that digital CX gets as much attention as traditional CX while companies also fell short in the extent of their measurement of the performance of digital channels.

Digging deeper into the data, just over half, 55 per cent, said that they “always” or “almost always” analyse feedback in real-time.

Meanwhile, 68 per cent reported their findings at board-level, which researchers said could mean that businesses were looking only for “quick wins” and not long-term change.

“This is concerning because a proper analysis is needed in order to truly understand the digital experience. Without it, these organisations will continue to fall short in their overall digital CX efforts,” Mopinion, a Dutch Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) company, said.

Other findings include that 76 per cent of firms said they believe digital customer feedback provides  important input for internal improvements but only half of those organisations, 52 per cent, are actually effectively following up on their feedback. 

Mopinion’s head of marketing, Quirijn van der Haven, said: “It’s promising to see that organisations have recognised the value of gathering digital insights and are taking steps to improve their digital experience. 

“However, there is absolutely room for improvement in terms of channel expansion and further digitisation of the customer experience.”

Nearly 8000 professionals took part in the survey, including those who work in digital marketing, customer experience, user experience and product management in industries such as software, retail & ecommerce, travel, finance, and telecommunications.