NEWS10 May 2017

20/20 Research introduces 360 degree video ethnography

Innovations News North America Technology

US – 20/20 Research has launched Ethno360, an ethnography tool that uses 360 degree video technology to offer ‘a more complete picture of consumers'. 

The technology is intended to be used for approaches such as in-home ethnographies, shop-along experiences and meal preparation studies. 

"Researchers want to hear and see everything. The more immersed we are in a person’s experience, the more insight we will gain,” said Jim Bryson, president of 20/20 Research.

“If a participant is prepping a meal in their home, you will see the entire space around them. In a supermarket, researchers can view product choice selection and surrounding influences. Ethno360 will capture the complete story of various consumer experiences in richer detail.”

The technology also allows the participants to relive the recorded experience with researchers via 20/20 Research’s real time online interview platform.