NEWS16 June 2023

Men happier with market research careers than women, finds research

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US – Men are more satisfied than women with their careers in market research, new research has found.


The research, compiled by Market Research Institute International, a market research industry non-profit consortium and the University of Georgia Centre for Continuing Education, found that 67 per cent of males were happy with their careers in market research, compared to 59 per cent of women.

Overall, it found nearly two-thirds (( 63 per cent) of market research professionals surveyed say they are “very” or “completely” satisfied with their jobs in market research, in a study based on nearly 500 market researchers globally.

It also found responses varied by tenure in the industry, with 67 per cent of those who have been in the industry for 20+ years saying they are very satisfied with their jobs, versus 57 per cent of the least tenured (less than ten years) and 53 per cent of those who are in mid-career ( 10-20 years),  

But there were no meaningful differences by business types (( 64 per cent of those who work at market research agencies & consultants are highly satisfied as are 60 per cent of corporate researchers) and job roles (( 64 per cent of those who manage others and 61 per cent who do not are each highly satisfied).

“The research shows an industry that is highly engaged with their profession and eager to grow and innovate,” says Ed Keller, executive director, MRII.  

Further findings from the study include that  17 per cent  of market research professionals planned on this career before entering the industry while 39 per cent took a position in market research as their first job and have remained in the field.