NEWS20 November 2012

IAB seeks comments on mobile ad measurement guidelines

North America Technology

US— The Interactive Advertising Bureau and the Mobile Marketing Association, in conjunction with the Media Rating Council, have published an updated version of proposed mobile web advertising measurement guidelines for public comment.

The organisations said that the guidelines intend to act as a framework for measuring mobile, web-based adverts and will be applicable to mobile marketers, wireless operators, mobile publishers and ad-serving organisations.

Topics covered in the document include measurement definitions, ad measurement guidelines, general reporting parameters, click measurement considerations and auditing recommendations.

The guidelines also require clientside counting for mobile web ad impressions, in order tol increase consistency with computer-based ad measurements and make impression counts “far more robust and reliable”.

Anna Bager, VP and general manager of the IAB’s mobile marketing center of excellence, said: “With the release of these updates, our organisations and their members are doubling down on a commitment to making a strong push for the adoption of, and compliance with, these timely guidelines.Trustworthy and credible reporting, as well as adherence to uniform industry standards, are vital to ensuring the growth and success of the mobile advertising market.”

The MRC’s chief executive, George Ivie, added: “Updating these guidelines to require clientside counting will strengthen the transparency and integrity of the mobile web advertising space. This is critical to provide marketers with confidence that their spending in the mobile ad ecosystem is well placed, which will lead to additional investment.”

The guidelines are here.