FEATURE4 November 2019

Updating the code

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The Market Research Society’s Code of Conduct is being updated and Julie Corney explains how.


The Market Research Society (MRS) adopted its first self-regulatory code in 1954, with the current version of its Code of Conduct coming into effect on 1 September 2014.

The code, regulations and associated disciplinary procedures – supported by a suite of guidance documents – apply to individual members, accredited company partners and those retained by them. The code was created to support those engaged in research and insight in maintaining professional standards. It originally covered practitioners’ activities from inception to design and from execution to the use of data in research.

To recognise the expanding role of practitioners, beyond research, the code was updated to cover all professional activities undertaken by members and company partners.

The code is technology and methodology neutral; it sets out overarching ethical principles supported by rules of conduct. Drawn up by practitioners for practitioners, the code helps to protect suppliers, clients and participants, and safeguards standards, promotes confidence and champions professionalism.

Why is the code reviewed regularly?

MRS is committed ...