The Role of Technology in Transforming Hearts and Minds

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In these uncertain and unprecedented times, technology has been a welcome relief. Being able to operate, communicate and socialise from remote locations has helped both the heart and minds of individuals to continue to function with as much normality as possible.

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Not only does technology make us feel connected but it also often aids decision making. It enables us to filter the copious amounts of information that is produced daily and form logical conclusions on which to base opinions. Although we often think we are logical in our decision making, we do, in fact, make many decisions in life based on emotion. We then tend to look to the logic to provide the supporting evidence of our emotional decisions.

With so much information for individuals to absorb at this time in particular, data needs to be clear, concise and easy to understand. That’s the price of entry just to be remembered. This is true of all areas of life. But market researchers feel this pressure most than most. As advocates of data and knowledge, researchers still compete with the ever-increasing sources of information that businesses have access to. We must, therefore, look at innovative ways to report data to ensure it heightens ...