FEATURE18 April 2023

The international insight pipeline

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Translation technology is playing a bigger role in the international insights ecosystem, as research technology becomes an increasingly vital part of the global research toolkit. Rob Gray reports.


Consecutive years of worldwide disruption have sent shockwaves through global economies and socio-political systems. Labelling this a period of Vuca (volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity) is perhaps an understatement. Business publications, thought leaders and other members of the commentariat are generally in agreement that, in these tumultuous times, businesses must be agile if they are to survive and prosper – and agility is underpinned by technology.

That’s as true for research as it is for other sectors, but when it comes to conducting international and multi-market research, the challenges are magnified. Language is the most obvious potential stumbling block, but there is a host of others, from varying cultures and consumer habits, to differing stages of economic development, to consistency in data collection.

Research technology – or ‘restech’ – has a growing role to play here; for example, by automating the sample process ...