FEATURE20 June 2017

The heart sell

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INDIA – Indian shoppers are more responsive than the average global consumer to advertising, particularly if it’s emotionally charged. Ian Forrester of Unruly describes research exploring this trend


In a world where consumers are increasingly mistrustful of advertising – seeing it as an unwelcome distraction from their hectic daily lives – India has a uniquely positive outlook.

In contrast with the global average, most Indian consumers ( 62%) like seeing ads online. Even questionable retargeting techniques, with ads seemingly following users around the internet, are deemed by more of the population to be helpful ( 49%) rather than creepy ( 41%), in stark contrast with the global averages ( 20% and 63%). 

In addition, some of the more intrusive online video advertising formats are less likely to irritate Indian audiences – with only 19% finding auto-playing mobile video ads annoying. 

Indian consumers are also the most likely to share branded content online. Three-quarters ( 74%) say if content is good they would share it with friends and family online, while the Indian video share rate (percentage of viewers who go on to share a video) of 3.4% ...