FEATURE8 March 2021

Team bonding: How organisations can build connections while working remotely

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Organisations and individuals can take a few key steps to develop trust in virtual teams, including setting clear project goals, says Niki Panteli.

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Trust is an important ingredient for working effectively and successfully online. Nevertheless, it is often reported as one of the key challenges of virtual work.

With virtual teams, work can take place anywhere, anytime, while the use of different communication technologies enables dispersed employees to work on joint projects.

This form of work is not new, but up until recently it was a choice. For organisations, it was a way to bring talented individuals together, regardless of their location, to collaborate on joint projects; for individuals, it was a preference to work flexibly, both in time and space. With Covid-19, and because of the ongoing lockdowns, virtual project teams have become a necessity – an enforced way of organising and, often, the only form of work arrangement for many professionals and organisations.

Trust has been found by several scholars to be crucial for the success of virtual project teams. It has been specifically stated that virtuality requires trust to make it ...