Q4 The Final Race Webinar: From Insights to Revenue

Retail Trends

In today’s dynamic and competitive market, real-time consumer insights are vital for crafting effective strategies, especially during sale seasons such s Black Friday and Christmas. Our 2023 forecast predicts a 4% – 6% growth in UK retail sales. These insights help us stay ahead of trends and quickly adapt to changing consumer behavior, which can determine our success.

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As we gear up for the final ‘sales’ season, our team is bringing together a mix of insights gurus, creative wizards, and top-notch brands to discuss what we’ve uncovered so far.

Join the webinar as we chat about the turbulent ride of engaging shoppers during the upcoming festive season.

You’ll leave the event able to:

  1. Gain valuable real-time consumer insights critical for achieving success in major shopping campaigns such as Black Friday and Christmas.
  2. Explore the primary categories that will get attention during Black Friday 2023, with an impressive 67% of consumers influenced by brand trust.
  3. Dive into the realm of UK consumer interests, with a particular focus on the 25-34-year-old demographic, where clothing and electronics reigned supreme.

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