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FEATURE28 December 2017

Preview 2018: New Year resolutions

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Understanding and using data to better help clients is a big theme in this year’s New Year’s Resolution list from our contributors, along with listening more. Oh and then there are the old faithfuls of eat less, get more sleep…

the work ones...

Ben Page, chief executive, Ipsos Mori
Keep working on improving impact rather than producing insight.

Crawford Hollingworth, global founder, The Behavioural Architects
To be braver. To quote Mark Thompson, president and CEO of the New York Times: “When the world goes mad, bravery is the safest option”. And in a country committing the biggest act of financial suicide known in history we will need to be very brave indeed.

Joe Staton, strategic innovation director, GfK
Time. Spend even more timing listening to, and learning from, our clients.

Harley Titchener, head of research, dunnhumby
Compliance with GDPR.

Caroline Frankum, global CEO, Lightspeed
To help clients discover the ‘truth’ through data. With consumers leaving an ever-increasing digital footprint of what they think, feel, say and do, we see great opportunities in helping clients find the quality in the billions of profiles that are out there in today’s diverse pools of data.

Andy Brown, CEO, Kantar Media
To listen more and suspend ‘my agenda’.

Peter Totman, head of qualitative, Jigsaw
To help get evolutionary psychology onto the research agenda – without understanding it alongside classic psychology and behavioural economics we continue to merely fumble around, half blind to true motivation.

Ray Poynter, chief executive, The Future Place
Make sure I write my book on finding the story in the data during 2018.

Crispin Beale, chief executive, Chime Insight & Engagement Group
The first is to continue promoting the importance of collaboration and boosting our team working efforts. The second is to further develop skills within the company, and keep abreast of the technology and trends that are driving us forward.

Zlatko Vucetic, president and COO, FocusVision
As someone who has recently joined the industry, I’m really looking forward to spending 2018 connecting and meeting some of the leaders and key innovators in the research space, and exploring where the industry will lead us in the next five or 10 years.

Jane Rudling, managing director, Walnut Unlimited
Deliver purposeful insight to our clients with human understanding that they can use to make better decisions. Adoption of a more scientific approach to insight. Building on behavioural economics, behavioural science, neuroscience etc. 

and the personal...

Tom Ewing, head of communications, System1
Same as it always is: enjoy myself and learn things.

Steve Phillips, chief executive, Zappistore
Stop being so healthy.

Desirée Lopez, CEO, Flamingo Group
The usual – eat fewer dumplings and get invited to better parties.

Will Galgey, UK CEO, Kantar TNS
Eat less chocolate. Get more sleep. Ride more miles on my bike.

Leah Kennedy, head of global insight, BT
Be more agile. We can’t afford to spend months delivering the answers to big business questions anymore – the business and the market moves too quickly. We need to take more advantage of all the great technology out there to deliver quality insights faster and cheaper.