FEATURE18 December 2019

Our most-read features of 2019: Brexit, consolidation and mental health

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From interviews with company leadership to reports on mental wellbeing and hard-to-reach research audiences, we reflect on our most-read feature articles of 2019. 

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1. “Understanding consumers is no longer controlled entirely by market research”

Our most-read feature article of the year is an interview with Pierre Le Manh, chief executive of Ipsos North America and global deputy CEO, who discussed the company’s reorganisation and how it is increasingly working with clients outside the research department, such as engineering or design teams.

2. Q&A with Roger Perowne, chief executive, Savanta

Following the merger of MIG Global’s data businesses into a new company, Savanta, we spoke to chief executive Roger Perowne about what it meant, including the company’s shift away from a set team structure to having practices, inspired by management consultancies.

3. 'No-one left behind': how are research agencies preparing for Brexit?

With little clarity over what the UK’s relationship with the EU will entail post-Brexit, market research agencies expressed concern over the economic ramifications and the impact to the industry’s talent pool.

4. Health alert: Five steps towards wellbeing at work

After a mental health audit of the industry conducted by Opinium, we explored the top things employers can do to help with staff mental health, including cultivating an open, transparent culture.

5. Q&A with Mandy Pooler, CMO, Kantar

After Kantar brought its multiple businesses under one single brand name, Research Live caught up with chief marketing officer Mandy Pooler to find out more about the move.

6. Five thoughts on data analytics

We reviewed some of the top takeaways from the MRS data and analytics conference, including why internal politics is often the biggest obstacle to obtaining insights from data.

7. Q&A with Barrie Brien, chief executive, Strat7

When Research Bods and Bonamy Finch were acquired by private equity and merged to form Strat7, we caught up with chief executive Barrie Brien to find out more.

8. Q&A with Quentin Ashby, chief executive, Join the Dots

After another acquisition in what has been a year of consolidation for the research industry, Quentin Ashby shed some light on his agency being acquired by InSites Consulting.

9. The unusual suspects

Researching the hard-to-reach is as challenging as it is important for charities, governments and brands. Jane Bainbridge explored how researchers ensure they hear the opinions of people from all sections of society.

10. Shattering stereotypes

While inclusion and diversity have risen up the agenda for businesses, this Impact Report shows that tackling stereotyped thinking about customers isn’t only ethical – it leads to better business and is a creative force in product and service design. 

Yesterday ( 17th December) we published our top 10 news stories of the year, and later this week we'll take a look at the most-read opinion articles.