FEATURE19 January 2022

Mapping change: What do young Europeans want?

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A research team from Oxford has examined what young people across Europe want from their politics, and how the EU should respond. By Ana Martins.

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What stories do Europeans tell? How do different generations of Europeans view Europe? Do hopes for its future vary significantly across age groups? For the past three years, a group of students, led by Professor Timothy Garton Ash at the European Studies Centre at the University of Oxford, have delved into these questions in the report Young Europeans speak to EU at europeanmoments.com.

In the first phase of the project, more than 200 Europeans were interviewed about their formative, best and worst experiences of Europe, as well as how they personally benefited from the EU and what they want the EU to have achieved by 2030.

With questions partly informed by the insights gleaned from these interviews, we then conducted four opinion polls, of approximately 12, 000 respondents each, in partnership with Eupinions, across all EU member states and the UK between March 2020 and March 2021. The surveys studied three categories: young (aged 16-29 ), middle ( 30-49 ), ...