FEATURE1 December 2016

Making a choice

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As head of marketing for reproductive health charity Marie Stopes UK, Vix Proctor has to ensure accurate information is accessible to women and men while facing down the protestors and managing minimal budgets. By Jane Bainbridge


There are easy jobs, there are difficult jobs, and then there are challenging jobs. It’s safe to say Vix Proctor’s role – as head of marketing at Marie Stopes UK – falls into the latter category. Not that she comes across as someone struggling with her challenge. Proctor is full of enthusiasm as she talks about the importance of giving accurate information to people so they can make appropriate choices about their reproductive health. It’s a point she reiterates throughout our interview, and it ensures any controversy around the role of Marie Stopes is very firmly dealt with.

This month, Marie Stopes celebrates its 40th anniversary, which means Proctor has a valuable promotional hook for fundraising. “As a charity, I want us to celebrate what we do and how we’re here for women, ” she says.

However, the history ...