FEATURE17 October 2018

Looking for the trust

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In his book, The Post-Truth Business, Sean Pillot de Chenecey explores our current political and cultural climate, and how brands can behave and build trust in this context. He talks to Jane Bainbridge about what changes are needed

Looking for the trust img

If you had to pick one thing, what has had the most impact on the post-truth state society is now grappling with?

Having a US president who lies, unashamedly, on a continual basis and who sees a free and independent media as the enemy. And having a series of Silicon Valley tech giants who appear to view social responsibility as an irritant doesn’t help. In the UK, Damian Collins of the Digital, Culture, Media and Sport Committee, appears to be our version of American attorney Robert Mueller; so let’s give him the legal power to take them on. 

You talk about the dark side of social media and how that has countered so much of the good aspects people hoped for when it first developed. With the benefit of hindsight, what could have been done differently?

Of all the myriad issues relating to a weaponised social media, the biggest issue to me ...